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With an extensive background in web and mobile development, I am a seasoned full-stack developer who excels in navigating the intricacies of project lifecycles. My expertise spans the entire technology stack, allowing me to actively contribute to various stages of development, from inception to architectural planning. Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered scalable production systems, showcasing a depth of experience that enriches my ability to create resilient and cutting-edge applications.

What I do

From bits to brilliance, I transform ideas into extraordinary digital realms – your full-stack wizard at work!

⚡ Develop highly interactive Front end / User Interfaces for your web and mobile applications

⚡ Progressive Web Applications ( PWA ) in normal and SPA Stacks

⚡ Integration of third party services such as Firebase/ AWS / Digital Ocean


Machine Learning


Punjab College of Technical Education
Bachelor of Computer Applications

    Punjab Technical University
    Master of Computer Applications

      Purdue University Via Simplilearn
      Post Graduate Program In AI And Machine Learning


        Absolute Infotech
        Front-End / Sr. Software Developer
        I commenced my professional journey within this organization as a novice, contributing three years of dedicated service. In my initial year, I assumed the role of a Frontend Developer, acquiring proficiency in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Concurrently, I engaged in continuous practice and mastery of PHP. Following a year and a half of honing my skills, I transitioned into the role of a Backend Developer.

        Over the subsequent two and a half years, I diligently contributed to the backend development domain, further refining my expertise. As a testament to my commitment and contributions, I have recently earned a promotion to the position of Team Lead. This trajectory reflects not only my technical proficiency but also my adaptability and leadership capabilities within the evolving landscape of our organization.
        DigiMantra Labs
        Sr. Software Developer / Team Lead
        In my capacity as a Senior Software Developer and Team Lead, I immersed myself in a vibrant period of technological exploration, channeling my energy into the mastery of various tools and methodologies. The collaborative spirit within my team fostered a culture of mutual learning, where I provided assistance to my colleagues and received invaluable guidance from my superiors, further enriching my professional acumen.

        Having devoted Three and a Half Years to the organization, I made the strategic decision to transition into freelancing. This move allows me to apply the extensive experience and skills cultivated during my tenure in a versatile manner, pursuing independent projects and embracing new opportunities.
        Pitch And Publish
        Full Stack Developer / Freelancer
        At the commencement of my freelancing career, I had the privilege of collaborating with an exceptional company. Over an extensive duration, I contributed to diverse projects, ranging from developing intricate WordPress plugins and themes to creating robust real estate websites and hybrid mobile applications. This multifaceted experience exposed me to a spectrum of technologies, including Python, React.js, React Native, and Node.js.

        Beyond technical proficiency, my tenure with this esteemed company provided invaluable lessons in effective communication and client management, particularly when engaging with international clients. The owner of the company transcended the conventional client relationship, evolving into a cherished mentor and akin to a brother. The profound impact of this professional association is indelibly etched in my career, and I will hold the memories and lessons learned dear for a lifetime.

        Our Clients Feedback

        Marek Sarinec

        I had the pleasure of working with Ravi Kumar and the team on a recent mobile app development project. He is a highly skilled React Native developer who consistently delivered exceptional results. His deep expertise in mobile app development, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting deadlines were truly impressive. Throughout the project, he demonstrated excellent communication and problem-solving abilities, making the collaboration efficient and effective. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a top-notch mobile app developer. His professionalism and dedication make him a valuable asset to any project, and I look forward to future collaborations.

        Joshua Bilson

        Ravi is a great addition to the development team and I would highly recommend him to any small or medium business who are looking for an experienced developer who can handle tasks autonomously!

        Simone Palazzin

        I highly recommend Ravi as a programmer. He is Very skilled on Python, WordPress, PHP, MySql. Best part of Ravi is the speed and precision of execution. Always a pleasure to work with you.

        Sumi Paul

        I’d the opportunity to work with Ravi on several digital projects and recommend him unreservedly. Ravi is a fantastic developer and partner in giving life to amazing products that make great impacts. He’s a great communicator and diligent in delivering a quality final product.

        Sam Millendo

        Ravi was really great. He provided solution that makes sense for the project and worked with me as it became very complicated. He didn't leave me hanging which said a lot about his integrity and quality of work. Will definitely work with him again.

        Stephen Folkes

        Great developer, who was able to help beyond the scope of the initial project.

        Pitch and Publish

        Ravi is a dedicated developer who can manage complicated projects and deliver on time & budget. Highly recommended!

        Kirpal Singh

        Had a great experience working with Ravi. He was able to provide timely solutions to all the challenges we had during the project. Overall it was great working with him and would hire him again!


        Excellent skills, very creative and efficient when it comes to find solutions to various arising problems. Ravi is a hard worker and never surrenders. We will continue to work together on a project and why not cooperating for future new ideas.

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