Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

SEO is the most important and key part of Business strategy, which influences the overall position of the brand/product/ services you provide. It also enhances the visibility and rank higher or traffic to the provides organic search to the website. So every business needs to practice SEO Techniques and strategy.

SEO Categories into two parts :

  1. Black Hat SEO. 
  2. White Hat SEO.


This technique violates the guideline and terms & conditions of Search Engine technique. It is used to rank higher and get paid backlinks from the other websites. It is actually not under the terms of services of  google.  It is finding the ways through which terms and conditions are not violated  and ways to manipulate the algorithms  and loopholes , which we can use to rank higher for websites

The term Black Hat is originated from the western movie “Bad Guy” 

Example:  The recent example involves the website “” This site was found to be using various techniques by displaying high-quality, relevant content to search engines while showing spammy/ fake ads and irrelevant (not useful) content to users. Google penalized the site, causing it to lose significant traffic and rankings.

Techniques of  Black Hat SEO:-

1.Irrelevant Backlinks :- Some companies that get paid backlinks from other companies for goodwill and higher ranking in search engines. It actually violates the rules of search engines.

2.Keyword stuffing.   


Keyword stuffing means overloaded keywords (irrelevant keywords) used to distract the users and also manipulate the ranking of the website or you can say unnatural keywords are used to rank higher and increase traffic to the website.


  1. Duplicate content:-  Many of the companies are copying duplicate content from other websites to attract more users. It also includes:
    • Same content on different pages
    • Variation of same pages
    • Multiple pages of same pages
    • Increase the pages
  1. Hidden text or links:- various hidden links and text specified which are not shown to the users. Basically  it is used for short term goals of a business.                               
  2. Doorway pages :- It means fake pages or spam pages are uploaded on the website to rank higher for more profits or good financial value.It is also called cloaked pages that means showing different pages to users which ultimately reduces the trustworthiness of users.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  refers to That technique of SEO in which all the guidelines of google are followed to rank higher or get organic traffic to the website.

It is totally opposite to the above Black Hat SEO. In this proper use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics and strategies for potential users.

Example:- is a good example of successful White Hat SEO(Search Engine Optimization). The blog focuses on providing high-quality content that addresses the needs and interests of its users. By regularly updating content with uniqueness, optimizing for mobile users, and ensuring fast loading times, the site has seen a steady increase in organic traffic and improved search rankings.

Techniques of White Hat SEO:-

Key elements are as follows:-

    • Content quality
    • Keyword research
    • Guest Blogging
    • Analysis
    • Mobile optimization
    • Site speed
    • Secure website
    • Redesign web

1.Content quality :- The quality of content is  high or according to our audience. It include following things like:

    • High quality content
    • Creative content
    • Unique content
    • Original content
    • User engagement
    • Relevant content
    • Attractive content
    • Useful content
  1. Keyword research :- The keyword should be unique from others which have more attracting power towards your website that generates original traffic. The keywords you used should be according to your content only. There are various tool used for keyword research:
    • SEMrush
    • Aherf
    • MOZ keyword explorer
    • Keyword tool
    • Google search console
    • Serpstat
    • Google trends
  2. Guest blogging :- It means writing an article for others website to promote our website with high quality content but before writing the blog you should take the permission of that particular website. 
  3. Analysis :- It means you can analysis the overall website by various tools Like on of the most trending tool is  “Google search console” you can the full report of your website which you can see through the below picture:  it shows the ups and downs of the traffic to the website.


  1. Mobile Optimization :- The website is mobile friendly means the users can easily visit the website through mobile phones, sometime we don’t have availability of laptops and computer all the time in that situation we use easily access the particular website.
  2. Site speed :- the loading speed of the website is to be fast. It has a great impact on the user who accesses your that user has a great experience if you loading spurred is high and it will attract the more audience to the website.
  3. Secure website :- Secure website has a HTTPs instead of HTTP, Means it has a SSL ( Secure sockets layer) certificate. The website data is passed through the browser, that website is secure , it leads to trustworthiness of users.
    1. Redesign website :- It is another technique of White Hat SEO (Search engine Optimization). Time to time redesign the website and updates should be followed so that users can get  in touch  with updated contents.

    Conclusion :- It concludes that by comparing both Black Hat and  White Hat SEO we always consider the White Hat SEO because it has a long term good impact on business, which ultimately enhances the ranking and generates the original or natural traffic to the website.

    Comparison in short:-

    Features Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO
    Risk factor High risk Low risk
    Ethics Manipulative, Unethical User friendly, Ethical
    Benefits  Short term Long Term
    Backlinks Irrelevant backlinks Relevant backlinks
    Content Duplicate contents Relevant contents
    Website Authority Reduces Website authority Increase website authority
    Google Guidelines Do not follow the Guidelines Follow the guidelines
    Trustworthiness Reduces trustworthiness Increases trustworthiness
    Techniques Duplicate content, Keyword stuffing, doorway Pages, Hidden text, Hidden links, Keyword research, Analysis, Secure websites, Organic Traffics, Redesign Websites, Mobile friendly




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